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Specialized Grading Services

If there's one job where you need a professional, it's grading. At Whitworth Excavating Inc, we're grading experts and have serviced the greater Kitsap County area with grading jobs of all shapes and sizes, including rough grading, finish grading, hillside grading, and more. Residential, commercial, and industrial property owners know to call us when quality is what's needed.

As having a solid foundation to work on is of paramount importance, even small mistakes could severely affect your construction or landscaping immensely. Our grading team will start with a full survey of the site and develop a plan that includes soil compaction, water drainage, and future utility infrastructure needs.

Because grading is a specialized skill, some Kitsap County companies may charge an arm and a leg for grading work, but with Whitworth Excavating Inc, we'll guarantee that you'll never experience price-gouging or overcharging in any form. All of our rates will be clearly explained before the work starts and we encourage clients to compare us with others in the area to see the value we offer.

Don't compromise your grading quality with an inexperienced company – call Whitworth Excavating Inc at 360-638-2300 (office) for Kitsap County's most qualified grading expert.

The best excavating company in Kitsap County is only a phone call away – 360-638-2300 (office)

Conveniently located with service to the greater Kitsap County area, Whitworth Excavating Inc is available for excavation jobs of all shapes and sizes.


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